Atlanta Market Celebrity Designer Tour Guides

Atlanta Winter Market at AmericasMart is less than a week away! We are so excited for Day One of our Design Campus Live event, where we have some fantastic designer friends to guide our campers around the best-of-the-best showrooms at market. These extremely talented and hard working tour guides are some of the most celebrated designers in the industry and they are sharing their personal tips and tricks as well as the inside scoop on what trends to focus on for 2016 with you.
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Learn more about your awesome tour guides below:
Lori Dennis, Bobby Berk, Kelli Ellis, Jackie Von Tobel, and Deb Barrett at Las Vegas Market

Day One Continued…


After a super long day of touring fabulous showrooms at the Las Vegas Market, we were given a little boost of energy when we ran into our dear friends, Jackie Von Tobel and Deb Barrett from Soft Design Lab. We also ran into one of our fabulous tour guides, HGTV’s Bobby Berk and his adorable husband as they were finishing up the Design Campus Live Showroom Tour.

Kelli Ellis and Lori posing back to back at the Design Campus Live Check-In for Las Vegas Market

And So It Begins…

Las Vegas Summer Market Summer 2015 is always hot hot hot! We took over the desert for a few days by making Las Vegas Market, Summer 2015 a space for design to connect. Between the networking cocktail parties, furniture showroom tours, and lecture parties, Design Campus Live brought together hundreds of fabulous designers, architects, and landscape architects to learn, connect, and shop! Check it out:

Headshot of Feng Shui Guy Ariel Joseph Towne

The Feng Shui Guy

Meet Ariel Joseph Towne, or as he’s also known: The Feng Shui Guy. We’re excited to add Ariel to this Summer’s Las Vegas Market Design Campus Live line-up. He’ll be presenting on how to grow your business with Feng Shui principles and will truly demystify the entire process. To learn a little more about what Ariel will be talking about at Design Campus Live, watch the video below and learn from the man, himself:

David Brownstein speaking

How do the experts become the experts? Well, they learn from other experts, of course! That’s one of the biggest take aways when chatting with Hollywood Career Coaching expert, David Brownstein. David has been integral to the careers of entrepreneurs in various fields. He helps skyrocket careers to new heights with his evident passion for creative people and his strong desire to help grow businesses. And that’s what Design Campus is all about. We couldn’t be more excited to have him at Design Campus Live in Las Vegas!

About David

David coaches individuals and executive teams in various creative fields. From Producers, to Writers, Executives, TV Showrunners, Actors/Performers, Directors, Indie Filmmakers, Editors, Photographers, DP’s, AD’s, PM’s, Playwrights, Documentary Filmmakers, Reality TV Producers, Musicians + Songwriters, Entrepreneurs, Agents + Managers, Software Engineers, Architects, Engineers, Designers, Lawyers he’s now adding interior designers, architects, and design professionals to that list. He’s been on TV, featured in the New York Times and gave a wonderfully informative and hilarious lecture at TedX. See the video below:

Career Coaching at Design Campus Live

While David’s expertise in television career coaching is certainly of interest to many of our interior designers with plans of expanding their careers into mainstream media, we are so excited to have David teach us about marketing ourselves on Youtube. It’s something that we can and should all be doing. It’s something that has been on all of our minds. We all want to start generating our own video content–but how? Where to start? How often do I create content? David is going to answer these kinds of questions at Design Campus Live. To learn more about his passion for career and executive coaching, watch the clip below from his Leadership Mindset lecture. And register now online for Design Campus Live at Las Vegas Market to get career coaching from the best in his field! Join us, and together we will Learn, connect, design, and succeed!