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Atlanta Winter Market is just around the corner so you know what that means– It’s about time for Design Campus Live! By being one of our VIP Design Campers on our market tours, you’ll be eligible to win these fabulous giveaways from our favorite furniture vendors and other designer resources! Check it out:

Four Hands Furniture - Design Campus Giveaway

From Four Hands Furniture, we’ll be giving away one of their adorable bar carts! Whoever wins this is responsible for throwing the next Design Campus cocktail party at their house! 😉


Peninsula Home is a deep line with so much to offer– We’re giving away one of their super cute flamingo trays this camp!

Jaipur Giveaway

Jaipur is a one-stop-shop for rug shopping! They’ve got the biggest and best selection out there and we’re excited to be giving away one of their gorgeous rugs!


From Leftbank Art, you could win a $300 giftcard towards your next purchase! And if you’re familiar with Leftbank, you know that goes a long way.

Noir Giveaway

From their lighting to accent pieces, bar stools and accessories, Noir Furniture is the coolest kid on the block! You could win one of their best-selling hand sculptures.

Bistro Set

Fermob is KING when it comes to outdoor French-style bistro sets! You could be taking home a chilli red set yourself from Design Campus Live!

Top Level Design

Top Level Design is giving away a year’s .design domain name! This is a surefire way to take your business to the next level and show potential clients you take your business seriously!


Join us at Design Campus Live, Super Camp, in Atlanta for 3 jam-packed days of design inspiration, education, and networking with the best in the business! We mentioned earlier that your have to participate on one of our VIP tours of Americas Mart to be eligible to win! Stay tuned because tomorrow we’ll give you a sneak peek of what to expect on those tours and who all of your celebrity designer tour guides will be!

Marlaine Teich - Design Campus

All the way from New York state, superstar designer, Marlaina Teich will be joining us in Atlanta this January as a Design Campus VIP tour guide and bringing some of her sassy Long Island sensibilities and can-do attitude with her! We had the chance to chat with Marlaina about her career trajectory and about what gets her fired up in the world of design. Read on:


Design Campus. When did you first become interested in interior design/When did you first know you wanted to be an interior designer?

Marlaina Teich.I have always been excited by design – even when I was a kid I loved to visit friends and relatives homes and see the different layouts and the way they decorated their rooms. My parents would take me on Sunday afternoon car rides through secluded neighborhoods so I could see beautiful homes. My mother would say “Marlaina, when you are a doctor you can buy your own home just like one of these.” My mother was a nurse and she wanted me to be a doctor from the minute I was born! Though I did not become a doctor, I found my own path to success and of course, both mom and dad are very proud of me.


Design just really inspires me and I know the impact that well designed spaces can have on people’s lives. No matter if I am redesigning one room or building a new home from the ground up, I use the same approach -always keeping the client’s needs the main priority.  Good design should look effortless; it should be a reflection of your client while keeping in mind the space in which the design is contained. 


Design Campus. What is something you wish you knew when you first started in the industry?/What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Marlaina Teich. I used to wish that I had started my journey earlier – there is so much that I want to do and only so much time to do it in! Interior design was not my original career path and I started design school as a young mom juggling three tiny kids, a husband and a home… no outside help.   I worked on my projects in the middle of the night, researching from actual books, hand drafting layouts, mounting selections on boards with a hot glue gun….now everything is computer aided, thank god! Every step was such a milestone for me.   Life is short – I want to design public spaces, I want to design in exotic locations, I want to design spaces for people in need, I want to be a textile designer! A product designer! A jewelry designer! A set designer!!!


My list is long but as I look at it I realize that I actually have a check mark next to each of these “wants.” Turns out I didn’t start my career so late after all.

My advice to my younger self is to be confident, believe in yourself, work hard and yes, you can have it all.


Design Campus. It’s your time to brag a bit: What past project of yours are you most proud of?

Marlaina Teich. There are favorite parts to every project so to pick just one is too difficult.  My favorite projects are inevitably the ones where the relationship with the client was great.  I love everything about this business – I have been extremely lucky in working with some of the most wonderful clients.  I love being a part of their lives and a part of their design story.  The most successful business people know that your relationship with your client is essential to a positive project.


There are design moments that have been special – helping a widow and her young son rehabilitate their home after being devasted by Super Storm Sandy, furnishing a 10,000 sq. ft home with an eight day deadline and coming in on time and under budget, creating the perfect new home for a freshly single mom of a 5 year old where she and her daughter will live happily ever after… there are so many proud “moments” that are a part of my design life and I hope to keep adding to the list for a long time. 

Design Campus. If you were not an interior designer, what would you be?

Marlaina Teich. I can’t imagine NOT being an interior designer!


Design Campus. Are you inspired by other, designers, artists? If so, whom and why?

Marlaina Teich. Everything about Life inspires my designs.  Nature, fashion, global images, architecture… Inspiration can come from everything we see whether it’s the endless color combinations of nature or the perfectly carved lines of a classic sports car.  How we use these in our designs lets us push barriers keeping us fresh with new ideas.  Inspiration also comes from the people we are designing for.

My client’s lives inspire my concepts. Design can fill an emotional need in many people. I find that I design intuitively. I spend time with my clients and really listen to them. I hear what they are saying even when they are not saying what they mean. Developing these relationships allows me to identify the needs of each client so I can put together the best design.


Kelly Wearstler and Jamie Drake are two designers whose work inspired me early on. Their bold use of color and various textures excites me.  One’s style is more wild than the other, but they are both so creative and I have always admired their artistry.  Then there is Albert Hadley. Iconic. His designs were a sophisticated mix of new and old with subtle injections of shine. And I do love some shine! And Nina Campbell – the serenity of her designs is so captivating.

Design Campus. What sets your aesthetic apart from other interior designers?

Marlaina Teich. My design style is not defined by a specific look – it’s unique to each project but always incorporates my signature mix of color, pattern and texture. I design for real living, creating spaces that are luxurious, timeless and inviting. I love to wrap a room in color and then use a great mix of textures and finishes to create a subtle excitement in the space. There is usually, even in the most organic of schemes, just a hint of glimmer or shine.

Design Campus. It goes without saying that in addition to being a talented designer, you also have to be a smart business person, in order to run a successful design firm. What would you say is the key to achieving that success?

Marlaina Teich Design
Marlaina Teich Design

Marlaina Teich. It is so hard not to be distracted by the demands that are really a part of women’s lives – families, homes, significant others. You have to be prepared to juggle the different aspects of your life and still stay focused on building your brand.

There is marketing and margins and budgets and vendor relations and negotiating. It is very important to have an understanding of business practices before starting your own firm. 


Design Campus. Is travel important to your work and inspirations? If so, how and why?

Marlaina Teich. I love traveling for work and for pleasure. It’s necessary for business to keep the mind fresh with the new ideas and inspirations that come from visiting different cities in our own country – there are real differences in design styles on the East Coast vs. West Coast, North vs South, Midwest etc. It stretches and feeds my design eye with each trip I take. Traveling internationally is an amazing source of pleasure for me. I see cities as pulsing colors and beats and I am inspired by the fashions and fabrics and buildings, and landscape and everything I see. It’s a great time for me and I feel I bring back the impressions and experiences and it just makes me a more creative and intuitive designer.


Design Campus. What does your own home look like? Is it different from what you design for clients?

Marlaina Teich. My home is a blend of traditional and classic style.   I have three sons and a husband – my family room at times looks like a frat house!! So I can fully relate to my clients’ needs for furnishings that can stand the test of heavy use! That said- the sofas in that same family room are custom made and covered in a rich, navy blue velvet. Beige is not for me. Of course, the velvet is 100,000 double rubs and it is in perfect condition three years and tons of TV watching and popcorn eating later.   I don’t believe in sacrificing style just because one has kids or pets. Teaching your kids to respect your home is job number one. There is no reason you can’t have a beautiful home with gorgeous fabrics and finishes just because you have kids and pets.


There is so much more to learn from Marlaina on her Design Campus tour of Americas Mart ATL! Register online today. Use PROMOCODE: NEWYEAR50 for 50% off your registration now through New Year’s Day!







Q10. What is your favorite color?


I love Pink – but don’t tell anyone…






Q11. What is your favorite city?


I adore NYC! I am from NY and you can’t beat this city for people watching, excitement, shopping, restaurants and culture. My second fav city is Barcelona. I could go back one hundred times. I just love everything about Barcelona – the architecture, the views, the aura of this place is just incredible.






Q12. What is at the top of your bucket list right now?


I have a million things on my bucket list!! As my husband says – my mind is never resting! At the very top of my list is “Conquer the world!” and I’m working on that.







Q13. What is your dream project?


My dream project is with a client that sits back and says “Do your thing, Marlaina” while handing me their platinum card with an unlimited budget!! I promise – I won’t take advantage.


William Hefner - Superstar Architect

Las Vegas Market is coming up and we have some really incredible speakers in this year’s Summer lineup! William Hefner – Superstar architect of Studio William Hefner is the LA-based architect who has built mega-mansions you might recognize from the glossy pages of LUXE, House Beautiful, Luxury Home, Traditional Home, Better Homes & Gardens, Decor…and the list goes on.



We are so proud to have been a part of the relaunch of BKLYNDesigns at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint last weekend. The event definitely benefitted from the change of locale: The Expo Center was a wonderfully intimate space for local artisans, all Brooklyn natives, to showcase their work. Our buddies Jeanine and Bryan, founders of Aphrochic felt like the true hosts of the event. Their colorful and cozy Aphrochic lounges created an atmosphere that felt like you were hanging out in their living room.